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What is Spotify Playlisting:

A new way to build your fan base! Let us pitch your music to the curators! The goal is to get you on as many playlists as possible with your provided budget. Previous campaigns tend to get you onto algorithmic playlists, more commonly seen: radio, because we work with the algorithms, more pressure equalls higher yeilding results!


How it Works:

First, we listen to your music to figure out which genre specific playlists your sound would fit on, then turn to our contacts. Being connected to over 400 Curators, thousands of influencers & multiple different labels, we pay our connections to feature your track on one of their networks playlist, sometimes multiple. Makes it easier for you to be the artist while we handle getting your music out there! All playlisters keep your song for at least 1 month, but smaller playlisters are more likely to keep you making the radio plays last longer than the campaign. 

Est. stream per campaign:

  Tester Campaign (1-2 placements)   2,000 - 5,000 est. streams    $50
  Basic Campaign (2-5 placements)   5,000 - 15,000 est. streams   $100
  Premium Campaign (4-10 placements)   10,000 - 30,000 est. streams   $200
  Pro Campaign (8-20 placements)   20,000 - 60,000 est. streams   $400
  VIP Campaign (16-40 placements)   40,000 - 120,000 est. streams   $750
  MAX Campaign (32-80 placements)   80,000 - 240,000 est. streams  $1500
  MAX+ Campaign (64-160 placements)   160,000 - 480,000 est. streams  $3000


Always feel free to reach out with questions or add them to order notes!