Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Are the plays fake & will they hurt my account?

- These plays are NOT fake and will NOT hurt your account. A lot of this industry is about building your credibility, connections, and brand. Labels buy these plays for their signed artists to give the impression that their artist is much bigger than they actually are. 

2. What’s the best way to start?

- Start with Instagram. Get on an Instagram Campaign, work on getting publications, then see about pushing your Spotify or YouTube. The reason you want to start on Instagram is because your IG is like your online resume. When you’re popping on IG you’re likely popping elsewhere.


3. Why do I need these services?

- You don’t need these services. But, you do need a team with connections who will push you in your career, not hold it. With a misleading industry, we want nothing more than transparency for our clients.


4. What’s the difference between plays and campaigns?

- Plays will be for your creditability while campaigns will be for your algorithmic growth. Plays are a cheaper way to build your online credibility but, you also need some sort of organic push. That’s where a campaign will come in handy.


5. Where are the followers coming from?

- These followers are incentived from link gates, ads & giveaways to follow you in exchange for something of value. These are the same types of followers you see celebrities & influencers with. Campaigns are held in areas of the world where the cost conversation is cheaper ie. India, Afghanista, Egypt, exc.